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The meeting between Man and Mountain

A glow in the dark

One month ago, we organized an hike on a beautiful mountain of the Swiss alps, the Monte Tamaro (1962 meters), the culmination of an extensive chain of mountains. We were still equipped as the previous hike and there was more snow, but despite this, we were ready to reach the top. The snow was deep, and after about 2 hour of walking, we were exhausted and we made a long break, the scenery was gorgeous and we could see the great massif of Monte Rosa. Already I fantasized about being up there, in the glory of heights, where only eagles had dare to arrive.

We resumed the walk, there were some obstacles to overcome, the first was a small rocky reef and the second a steep snowy slope that culminated on the summit, but Vinicius, the bravest, had began to climb and in a moment overcame the first formidable obstacle. We were almost at the top, we didn’t know in what way we should go down, but at that moment, the important thing was to reach the top, I felt inside me that he had found my way.

I felt a great emotion in reaching the top and i realized that the obstacles overcome, had awakened a side of myself that I still didn’t know, I needed to understand what were my limits and I would always go higher, just for this reason. We stood for about an hour to admire the view and after some indecision, we began the delicate downhill, very exposed and dangerous, the sneakers slipped constantly but the optimism of Vinicius was contagious, we continued to follow him and with extreme caution, arrived safe and sound at the car. Another peak was reached and after a brief celebration, we set off toward home, it was a trip in the true sense of the word, I kept thinking about every single moment of the climb, I love the mountains, is the only place where I can find myself, I thought several times to live in the woods and survive with what Mother Nature provides, but for continue to climb mountains, I have abandoned this idea.

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